Our Services

Amid the increasingly dynamic development of Lebanese real estate markets, GRE pioneered in setting up a specialized private real estate service managed with unmatched skills and sound expertise.

Property is of great importance to us but the people we deal with are our number one priority. Depending on your needs we offer you tailored services and vast range of choices ranging from renting or buying small studios to villas and renovated beauties in the heart of Beirut.

At GRE we take Real Estate Business to a different level of transparency, and speed of service thanks to George Sioufi’s know-how and know-who.

Our services go beyond property selling to encompass property management, internal up-keeping, interior design and furniture buying: an ultimate combination to ensure you peace of mind…quickly.

Whatever your circumstances, we provide you with personalized services helping you cope with your new environment and leading your way to a worry free property experience.

Doing what is best for our clients and choosing what makes there life easier made our services expand beyond Beirut and Lebanon to reach Spain, France, Switzerland, Saudi Arabia and the Gulf Region.

GRE and George Sioufi are pleased to remain at your service to assure you prosperity and success.

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