About Beirut

Despite the destruction and tragedies Beirut has undergone, beams of lights are seen again emerging from the lighthouse of the Middle East. Beirut is coming back to its old self again in a fusion of modernity and ancient heritage.

When you stroll down the streets of Beirut you can not help but fall in love with the mesmerizing spirit of a city that always found its own path to glory. You won’t help but notice the all year blooming gardens adorned with glistening fountains of sparkling water and the time defying mansions still standing with all their splendor and mystery of the past.

From Beirut, the vibrant heart of Lebanon spread out streets and boulevards with houses filled with untold stories of love and war.
Through the wooden frames radiates the charm of pure Lebanese architectural heritage mixed with the smell of pure jasmine, roses, orange trees and the fresh aroma of a home made coffee.

The biblical “Land of Milk and Honey” remains the land of relentless attractions, sublime landscapes, beautiful seashores, and cutting edge art and music festivals crowned with glowing warmth of the Lebanese people. Who wouldn’t dream of living in this unconventional piece of heaven?

Lebanon isn’t bounded by the common tourist attractions but its bedazzling magic also lies beyond the borders of its capital. Let us show you Beirut and beyond from the eyes of a person who holds Beirut and Lebanon deep in his soul and cherish every nook and cranny of his home country. Let us discover Lebanon through the eyes of George Sioufi.

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