Cornich Al Manara

The Manara district derives its name from the "Lighthouse" that was built in the early 20th century.
Today, the lighthouse is surrounded by high-rise buildings, but still retains its seaside atmosphere.

Just a walk away from Al Manara is Lebanon’s borderwalk coastline commanding spectacular views to sea and snowcapped mountains through winter and spring.
The Cornish overflows on most sunny days with people coming from all corners of Beirut and the city’s suburbs; some come strolling with their families, speed walking or jogging or eating corn off the cob and warm chestnuts while sitting on its ledge.

The Cornish famous cafes and beach spots are rarely seen empty. There, one can see the Mediterranean waves embrace the famous Beirut Rock, delighting the viewer with a spectacular view of this ancient natural magnificence.
The view from the wide sidewalk is also breathtaking and mesmerizing. Famous for being a sidewalk of carefree evasion from the commotion of the city, the Cornish will always be one of the most visited landmarks in Beirut.

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