Also called Horsh Ehden (the forest of Ehden), is a spectacular Nature Reserve in North Lebanon holding particularly diverse and awe-inspiring remnant forest of the Cedar of Lebanon adding opulence to the country’s cultural and natural heritage.

Perched on the slopes of Mount Lebanon and pampered by mist and relatively high precipitation, a multitude of rare and endemic plants flourish in it. Stands of cedars are bordered by a mixed forest of Juniper, Fir and the country's very last protected community of wild apple trees.

While taking a hike through the forest, the lucky visitor might discover its natural treasures and maybe spot an endangered eastern Imperial Eagle or Bonillo’s Eagle, a Gray Wolf or a wildcat.

The reserve's beautiful valleys and gorges, with their wild orchids, brightly colored salamanders, mushrooms, and other flora and fauna, are sure to soothe even the most harried visitor.

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