The Magestics Cedars

Cedars of the Lord, the Trees-of-Kings, the Majestic Cedar Forest all are magnificent names created in an attempt to describe the last survivors of the forests that lay across Mount Lebanon from ancient times. The most famous Cedars are in Bsharreh region where about 375 trees. Some Cedars marvelously withstood the test of time and are now aging between 1200 and 2000 years while they stand on slopes 1950 meters high in the shadow of the 3088 meters peak of Qornet El Sawda the highest peak in Lebanon. Throughout antiquity the cedars of Lebanon were valued above all other trees. From Lebanon's cedar forests, King Solomon got the timber to build his temple and palace in Jerusalem, while Pharaohs used the wood to carve their sarcophagi and sun-ships. Also, Phoenicians and Greeks used its wood through the centuries in their homes, temples and tombs. It is also worth mentioning that Al-Shouf Cedar Reserve, in the northern part of Mount Lebanon, was identified by WWF (World Wildlife Fund) as a biodiversity hotspot in the Mediterranean.

The magnificent mountains of Lebanon with their snow-capped peaks provide various kinds of trees and natural treasures as well, including juniper, pine and oak. But the emblem that adorns the Lebanese flag the indestructible and majestic Cedar was and always will be the most treasured.

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